MOC of the Month Rules

These are all the rules we could think of.

A MOC cannot have been posted on the community’s Members’ Creations board before and must be your own creation or a significantly modified version of a LEGO set.

You can post photos of the MOC as brick-built or in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) or equivalent form.

Your MOC does not have to be a recent build. If you have built it previously but never shared it with the community its valid for inclusion.

Members can post multiple MOCs for consideration and can win both the MOTM and runner-up MOC awards for any given month.

Where the judging panel’s casted votes for MOTM or runner-up MOCs are tied, the judge nominated as that month’s decision-baton shall solely decide the result. If the nominated decision-baton has built one of the MOCs that tied, the decision-baton is passed to the next applicable judge.

Members of the Judging Panel cannot vote for one of their own MOCs.

Following the end of the calendar year the December MOTM will be announced and the final League Table shall be updated determining the final points tallies for members. The top two will be awarded prizes. Where members are tied on points, the member with the most MOTM wins will be selected. In the event members are tied on both points and MOTM wins the judging panel will hold a separate vote to pick a winner. Team