MOC of the Month

We’re honouring the best MOCs posted by our members every month with our MOC of the Month gong. So if you’ve built your own LEGO creation, share it on the forum’s Members’ Creations board and once there it will be in the running for the next MOC of the Month and our fantastic end of year prizes!

What’s a MOC?

A MOC stands for ‘My Own Creation’, so, if you have made a creation or a LEGO model out of your mind, not using instructions, you’ve made a MOC.

How it works

Each month all creations posted by members on the Members’ Creations board will be put to an open vote to see which were our members’ favourites. Points will be awarded to members as follows: two points for the winning MOC and one point for the two runner-up MOC.


We’ll be giving away a free LEGO sealed Box Set at the end of the calendar year to the top 2 members who have amassed the most MOC of the Month points and a separate Best of the Rest prize for the best MOC made by a member outside these two.

Rules schumles

The most important rule is that to be included in the evaluation shortlist a MOC cannot have been posted on the community’s Members’ Creations board before and must be a member’s own creation or a significantly modified version of a LEGO set. Read up on all the rules we could think up over a coffee break here. Team