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Introducing the courthouse, now finally in real bricks!

It was a fun build, I've learned a lot about building from a plan since the previous two buildings - separating the virtual model into steps is key, even if each of those steps has a hundred or so parts. This took about 3 evenings and the best part of a Saturday.

I experimented a bit with the base of the structure. There's no baseplate under it, in fact there's no floor of any kind. And it's sitting on a SNOT-built pavement, which I'm not entirely convinced was a good idea - that remains to be seen when I attach it to some roads I guess. The lack of floor makes the structure really flimsy without the pavement, and you can't really lift the building by the pavement. It's going to eventually need some strengthening.

Anyway, here are some more photos, and there are plenty more in the Flickr album :)

The back

Lady Justice and the dome

Roof windows

Main door

Side entrance

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Now you need some politicians/criminals to process and all the city police vehicles and maybe a hotdog cart to get proceedings going ,will look good at an exhibition with customs house