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Does anyone have any idea as to the likelihood the collectible minifigure series will continue to be released so frequently in the coming years. I wonder if they are a big seller and so whether or not they'll be around in 10 or 20 years time as a staple mini theme. I have just 2 complete series as I bought my first with a Series 14 figure. I was tempted to try and collect all the previous series but if they keep on coming I don't see the point!

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No idea on the life cycle but I suspect they are good sellers as they are the cheapest LEGO entry point so probably a fair few are shifted for "treats" or with pocket money. The fact that they are still going also supports this. I would suspect that collectors of all series will diminish and probably has already. This could hit sales but perhaps these type of customers are insignificant when compared to the likely target market (kids).

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Not sure about how long they will continue for but I reckon they're going strong at the moment.

FYI, the next rumoured series is Disney in May 2019.