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Since back into the hobby full-time (yes, I treat it like a job now) I have been struck by the number of parts I have never seen before, or was never aware of (especially after browsing bricklink). What's peoples thoughts on the number of new parts Lego seem to be rolling out every year, is it stifling creativity or is it actually a good thing?

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I’m a big fan of the 2x4 and most of my builds don’t have the newer parts, I tend to keep sets separate from the bricks for our MOCs. Saying that, some of the things that people build with the new pieces are phenomenal and I’m happy to give them a thumbs up. New parts mean new creations and some can still surprise with the old bricks too.

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For the smaller pieces, recolours, wheels etc etc I find them very useful for building, the Junior line of stuff is great for kids but imo takes the whole point of lego being a challenging puzzle out of it.

I haven't got all that many new sets lately but the ones I have have come with a variety of newer pieces that I love.

I understand the views of lego 'purists' who just like to build with a certain set of parts but to be honest new parts don't harm those folks too much, if they dislike them that much they can just avoid them for their own builds etc.

I also love how some of the new peices are very similar to mega construx peices which is rather a funny coincidence. I always enjoyed the array of tiny peices like brackets and angles that mega has made but their parts quality has always been terrible, with lego bringing more parts into the fold it means that I can finally build intricate things without it falling apart if I look at it! :P
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I have to say I love the newer version of some parts such as revolvers (Lone Ranger).

I seem to come across some of the new parts a year or 2 after they've been around the block and so suspect I may be unaware of half of them.

I certainly am not a fan of larger pieces that previously could be made up by putting a few smaller parts together. I would feel that this is reduces flexibility and possibilities especially for children.


Hadn't heard of mega construx before but I see they are a Mega Bloks brand. So did mega construx have the similar parts before LEGO? That sure would be interesting...