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Hi guys,
I made it for another competition on Rebrick: Create a LEGO BrickHeadz version of yourself

I wanted to show how I’m I addicted to Lego.
It’s my day in my room. Bricks are everywhere, drawers full of Lego, tables with creations.
I made my micro white flower and my truck, also have micro 16x16 creations. I love to build different things it’s help me to relax.
I have my photo area to do nice pictures of my Mocs. I have radio to listen my favourite music which is help me to build.
One of my cat Jill is around and trying catch a fish in fish tank.
This is me - Jarek as a Brickhead.

Fingers crossed! :D

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This looks great Jarek. The Black Flower turned out very well in micro-mode. Good to see the blinds closed, keep those whites white!

Nice use of the window frames for drawers.

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Really impressive!  I was wondering how you did the drawers until I saw David's comment.

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Nice room ,good to see a use for airjitzu dome , Im not seeing evidence of duplo dwellers


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