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I recently moved away from building residential and low level commercial buildings for a bit to start a couple of office block style builds (homeless minifigs need not fret, I'm back building some flats right at this moment).

These 2 sections were intended to be part of a larger Financial Services Centre and thought I'd share before I take the wrecking ball to the twisty tower.

I bought more parts to build the tower higher so the tower completes one full revolution on itself but at this current height it has reached maximum height allowed as per my city planning regulators. For the tower to fully work however my feeling is that it does need to go fully around itself and so this was a costly blunder.

As such it is on the way out. Incidentally I first experimented using trans-green 1x2 bricks (they are multiple times cheaper) but thought in the end the trans-light blue looked better. Also, there is a third section (not shown as it is a barely started WIP) that is supposed to integrate these two sections. The tower base pictured was intended only as temporary structure to provide indicative base height.

My intention is to recycle the parts and build a different style tower so something should come of it.

Comments, criticisms, ideas welcome.