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This MOC is inspired by the Land Rover Tangis used by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Although I didn't try to copy the exact positioning of aspects of the armoured vehicles, (for example the lights, wing mirrors, signage) I hoped to capture a decent enough reflection of the real thing, keeping in mind it had to be 4-studs wide.

On reflection I feel larger tyres will be closer to the real thing however might negatively impact the armoured look. It is something I will experiment with in any case and find out what looks better. Comments or suggestions to improve it always welcome (as long as it is not change it to 6-wide!).

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I have seen this moc on the Internet a good few year's ago. Really well done on the four wide design.

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This looks great! I love the look of it.

I agree that a slightly large wheel would make it look more accurate but it would be hard to find the right sort of pieces to retain the armoured look at that scale.

Only think I can think of is a 1x4 studs on the side brick with a long tile running along and over the wheels at each side. Might make it look more like Panzer armour than the landrover's mesh though!
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Come to the 6 wide ,you wouldn't swing a Lego cat in a 4 wide


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