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For anyone who remembers the (in recent years famously unreliable) Lego hosting site MOCpages, it's been permanently deleted as of last month. With it goes any images that were hosted on its servers. No announcement was made by its creator, Lego artist Sean Kenney, to forewarn users and give them a chance to save their old photos. It provided the image hosting for a lot of MOCs where images were then posted on sites like Eurobricks, and blogs like The Lego Car Blog. Those images and links are lost forever.

You can read more here:

Personally, although I had some content there, I had my MOCpages photos hosted on (having joined MOCpages at a time before it actually provided its own hosting services, and being reluctant to change when they introduced it). Amazingly, Brickshelf is still up and running and will probably outlive us all, so I'm glad not to have lost any photos of old MOCs.

Some of MOCpages is still archived in the wayback machine, so it may just be possible to retrieve photos for anyone who lost them:


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