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Hi Everyone!

The LEGO VIP team want to hear any feedback of your experiences & opinions about the VIP program.

They’ve asked that we share the following information about improvements & fixes that they’ve made so far.

If you do have any feedback please feel free to share in the comments!


As Part of engaging with our AFOL communities, the VIP team want to share release notes for recent updates that we make to the VIP Program from a technological, rewards and program basis. This process will enable us in the VIP team a opportunity to share some of the changes taking place with the VIP program overall. This information is more in-depth than a usual marketing communication and will be relating more specifically towards the operations of the program. 

We will provide updates when the changes has taken place that week or are due to be launched onto our site within a few days, as a result we will provide information when its ready to be shared, often we will roll several updates into batches that get released on a 2 weekly basis, Some changes will be applied as additional hotfixes to the site between these batch releases as and when required. Some of these will be to fix stability or minor changes that have no significant impact to VIP members.

Rewards being added, removed or altered on the site, and activities where you can earn additional points can be added to the site at any point so will share these at regular intervals.

These new regular posts will also provide us in the VIP team an opportunity to answer any questions about changes taking place the program overall. Answer questions about future updates to the program as a whole, or any feature requests you would like to see made to the program in the future.

We will do our best to then provide you with answers to your questions where possible.

We hope that you find value in these updates that we share, your feedback will be invaluable to tailoring the not only these release notes in the future but also helping prioritising improvements to the program.

Below is a complied list of Hotfixes we have made to the VIP Reward Center since we launched on our new platform. We will shortly start to create a glossary of terms used for additional context on some of the terms used in this.                
Hotfixes 16th July                            
VIP Point balance Error 
Identified and fixed a bug where some migrated VIP accounts moved to the VIP Reward Center were displaying a incorrect points balance. This had no real impact for VIP members as the points were correctly stored in the back end but displayed incorrectly. This confusion did result in some contacts to Consumer Services however, issue was hot fixed out

Hotfixes 17th July                            
VIP Point balance Error 
Identified a separate group of VIP members impacted by the same bug fixed on the 16th of July. The impact was some VIP members point's balance resulted showing a different value to what was accurate
VIP Digital Card Error     
Fixed VIP digital card error that resulted in consumers not being able to add their VIP digital card to their digital wallet on iOS devices root cause was the link was intending to direct VIP members to the digital card activation process was directing to an internal LEGO page. orders VIP Point error              
Fixed issue where shipped orders were not giving VIP members their points, this impacted Australian and New Zealand consumers. The root cause was due to an error between the Warehouse data connection and the VIP Platform

Hotfix 22nd July               
Migration of VIP members to new platform         
Migrated an additional 35,000 accounts to the new Rewards Center that were previously dormant. These VIP members had not used their accounts for more than 3 years. These members were impacted with some access issues to the VIP Reward Centre. The Migration resolved the issues for these members.

Reward Centre Improvement 7th August                              
New Rewards   
We have launched the LEGO Originals® Limited and first edition art prints, launching with 3 exclusive prints for VIP members to purchase from the VIP Reward Centre
To celebrate the launch of the LEGO Harley Davidson Fat Boy, we have released desktop and mobile wallpapers for VIP members to purchase from the VIP Reward Centre

Hotfix 12th August                         
VIP Early Access bug      
Fixed an issue on that was not correctly identifying the shoppers on the site as VIP members. Resulting in these VIP members not being able to access the early access promotion that started on the 12th of August. This was promptly identified and the issue was resolved for members.

In-Store verification email request change           
VIP members signing up in-store will automatically receive an email to complete their verification and set up of their VIP account on Feedback was received from these new members that finding the option to get a replacement email was hard. As a result that part of the was re-arranged to make it more visible.

LEGO Account Pop Up update   
When Logged into with your LEGO account, a changed was added to this LEGO Account pop up menu for VIP members to now have a hyperlink directly to the VIP Reward Centre.

Ad-Blocker issue              
Updated the domains locations for the VIP Reward Centre cookies to fix the issue that some VIP members were experiencing with their Ad-blockers, This issue resulted in VIP Reward Centre not displaying in parts as expected.

Reward Centre Improvement 19th August                           
Ability to redeem for VIP points
Created a new section for VIP members to be able to add a unique code provided by LEGO for attending certain LEGO events in the US and Canada.

Hotfix 10th September                 
In-store Purchase Bug   
Fixed a bug resulting in some US based store purchases were not receiving VIP points. This was identified to a data transfer issue between local store and our Databases.

Reward Centre Improvement 10th September                   
New Rewards   
To Celebrate the launch of the LEGO Stranger things Set, we have launched an exclusive Stranger things Sketchbook for VIP members to purchase with VIP points.

Hotfix 27th September                 
LEGO In-Store VIP Points Issue  
Fixed an issue where VIP member purchases In-Store were not showing on their account in the VIP Rewards Centre

Hotfixes: 8th October                    
VIP Points balance now showing on LEGO Account pop up            
The LEGO account pop up will now display your current VIP points balance.

Reward Centre Improvement 30th October                         
New Reward     
VIP have released an exclusive LEGO minifigure torso for the LEGO Towers mobile game. This reward will allow you to spend your VIP points to earn an exclusive torso for the LEGO Towers game.

Reward Centre Improvement 8th November                      
New Reward     
VIP have released a Reward tied to the LEGO Hidden sides App and theme launch. For the purchase of 200 VIP points members can get access to the App for iOS and entered to a survey for the points to be fully refunded and bonus 25 VIP points applied to their account when survey was completed.

Reward Centre improvement 23rd December                    
New Reward     
VIP have released 3 LEGO Digital poster downloads to celebrate the launch of the LEGO Dinosaur Fossils IDEAs Set

Reward Centre improvement 20th January                          
New Reward     
VIP have released 3 LEGO Digital poster downloads to celebrate the launch of the LEGO® Old Trafford - Manchester United Stadium


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