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After 4 days of building I finally completed my Venator. This is Bruxxy's Venator design that I just finished. This build took me about 15+ hours mainly due to me being unorganised with pieces and having to do some redesigns on the fly. I didn't build the interior to save on costs. The build is overall very nice with some stability issues. The bottom panels are fragile and difficult to attach. The large main engines sag a bit due to weight but that can be easily fixed using a longer axle. The stand is very sturdy. Overall I am very happy with the build and highly recommend it. I spent €200 including shipping on parts and I already had about 1/3 of the parts.
The pictures can be found here

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A beast  but looks fab, the overhead view is like the opening scene -ROTS, even if you glued it i can't imagine it's easily Swooshed and try telling any kid it's not a toy

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Very cool. Was it ur own design?