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This directory is a list of completed MOCs and layouts by theme.

If you think we've missed a MOC, or if you want a description changed, please email

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MOC count: 79

★★★ indicates a MOC of the Month winning creation.
indicates a MOC of the Month runner-up creation.

Arcade Games by wallyjarek
Baby Brickheadz by wallyjarek ★★★
Kirk and Spock Brickheadz by MMcClelland
Limerick Hurler by wallyjarek
Me as a Brickhead by wallyjarek
Me more official as a Brickheadz by wallyjarek
Old Pizza Chef by wallyjarek
MR Brick Head by wallyjarek

Abandoned bridge by Puvel
Royal Castle by Patrick
The return of the king by Puvel
Viking Ship by Aidan

Belfast Skyline LEGO Ideas by MMcClelland
Micro Stadia by Noel

Army Troop Transport Truck by David
Battleship by David
F-14 Tomcat by Spudh
Light tank  by David
Mobile missile launcher  by David
WWII defences overrun  by David
WWII Japanese fighter plane by Chris Hastings

BB-8 Mosaic by Ben C
Conor McGregor Mosaic by Brodyb
Ninjago Kai Mosaic by Claudia
Ninjago Kai and Baby Groot Mosaics by Ben C

Star Wars
Queen Amidalas J-Type Nubian Royal Starship by Chris Hastings
TIE fighter - Upgraded 181st Interceptor by Chris Hastings

Super Heroes
Dark Knight Joker interrogation scene by Aidan

A trip to the Market by Patrick
Art & Food by Patrick
An Post van by Claudia
Bigger Rig by John
Big Rig and Tractors by John
Cafe and street scene by David
Car bomb attack aftermath by David
Chinese Restaurant by David
City Delivery Truck by Noel
City High Rise by David
Civil disturbance by David
Custom Colour 60113 by drunkbobnopants
Family photo-shoot by Noel
Fire Station by Taylorbrick
Football Stadium by David
Gangland LEGO Style (Warning: Graphic Content) by David
Gazumping Catwoman by John
Little Black Cat Model Team truck by Tom a.k.a. eastawat
Minifig football by David
Money Laundering Launderette by David
Octan Tanker by Noel
Prison by David
PSNI Tangi Land Rover by David
Office Block by David
Shopping centre by David ★★★
Somewhat questionable interrogation methods by David
The Orangery by lisaloveslego
The Whitehouse by Wes
Townhouse and shops by David
Townhouses by Wes
Traffic lights using LEDs by David
Welcome to the Hotel California! by Patrick
6 maybe 8 wide undercover surveillance by John

Town Layouts
Town by Wes
Town by pete4pool
Town by David

In Scale
Black Pick-up truck by wallyjarek
Dublin Custom House by David

Sculptures / Artistic
Headphones by wallyjarek
Black Flower by wallyjarek
Flowers by wallyjarek
Shamrock by lisaloveslego
White Flower by wallyjarek

On thin ice by Noel

Farming on the frontier by Noel

Battle of the Bands by Robert
Evil Scientists Lair by Patrick
Creditcard skimming by John
Herd of sharks by John
Tea time by John
Theatre by wallyjarek
Retro home video game - Atari by wallyjarek

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