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It's time to vote for your favourite creation shared by members in April.

You need to login to open poll and cast your vote.

Here are links to the MOCs (a-z):

A bridge too far by John
Brick Obama by wallyjarek
Pub by Tom a.k.a. eastawat

When the poll closes the top two will be awarded points in the MOC of the Month League. See current standings.

This month the voting deadline is 17 April. Poll results are visible once you cast your vote.

Your vote choice is anonymous but once you have cast your vote you cannot change it.

Needless to say please do not vote for your own creation.

In the event that first or second places are tied, the Judging Panel will chose a winner.

If you wish to leave comments on why you chose a creation you can do so on this thread.

Thank you for participating.

Lug,ie Team

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